Colourama VR

Colour Experiment
A Non - Linear VR art piece and personality experiment, that helps understand a persons personality based on their choices during the experience of the game. Built as a modular construction it also allows for the rooms to serve as templates for many non linear narrative projects to be built.

This VR experience is composed of 18 colour coded rooms, where 6 of them have a calming light colour palette, leading to a calming and peaceful environment and the other 6 have a dark exciting colour palette, leading to a dark and exciting experience. All these rooms are connected with each other through corridors allowing you to see the colours of the following rooms and to observe what the player is more drawn into, the light or the dark, peace or excitement.

The idea of the experience is to be able to observe the decision making  of each player, based on their choice of path depending on the colours they decide to go through they could end up in two different outcomes - a calming beach environment, or an electronic music concert.

View the full project process here: COLOURAMA VR  


© Claudia Ortega Arus